The Marching Apron - a place to grow cooking confidence and serve it up gluten-free!

Welcome to the Marching Apron! This is a website for new and seasoned cooks alike to grow gluten-free cooking skills & confidence to serve up deliciously balanced gluten-free meals with ease.

Have you ever been asked to make something that was gluten free and didn’t know how to do it or where to start?

Have you ever had to entertain guests that had gluten free needs and you nervously wondered if your recipes would turn out?

Or do you routinely cook gluten free and are bored of the same old foods?


Whether you are a cooking gluten free for yourself or your family, or for a friend, a coworker, or a loved one it should NOT be a painstaking experience that ends in a disappointing flop, a waste of money, and unhappy taste buds.

Regardless if you have been cooking gluten free for years OR it’s all new to you, you will find fabulously developed and tested recipes that will help you create deliciously healthy gluten free foods that are sure to please!

Visit my Recipes page to start cooking delectable foods PLUS learn about their related nutritional benefits. Check out the Blog and the Resources page for access to helpful tools and information about gluten free living.

I am delighted you are here!

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